"H.E.A.R.T : Hari Esok Ada Rahsia Tersendiri"


Capricorn Positive Traits

*Very resourceful but cautious.
*Tends to be very disciplined,
reserved and cool under fire.
*Demonstrate a real ability to
overcome most hardships that
get in the way of pursuing ones ambition.
*Practical and prudent
*Ambitious and disciplined
*Patient and careful
*Humorous and reserved


Aries Positive Traits

*Loves adventure, very energetic
*Inventive with lots of courage
*confident and Enthusiastic
*Sharp and quick-minded
*Fiery and warm, passionate and expressive.
*Possessing a strong sense of urgency


Capricorn Negative Traits

*Has a tendency to be selfish which portrays a Capricorn as being unfeeling and calculating. *Because of these traits Capricorns look for ways to soften their rigid emotions and tendencies to not show sensitivity toward others.
*Pessimistic and fatalistic
*Miserly and grudging


Aries Negative Traits

*Can be self-centered at times and prone to being quick-tempered,
*Impulsive and impatience
*takes unnecessary risks
*A procrastinator at times

Kesimpulan yg website@laman sesawang ni bagi adalah:

Capricorn With Aries:

It is not likely that you will ever get to first base with a Capricorn. Aries with Capricorn is one of the poorest matches. Aries will not be very attracted to Capricorn unless Aries would be willing to change a lot of it's natural instincts. (Not likely to happen)

However (there is always a but eh?) If Aries has a bit of status, and money, this is attractive to Capricorn and may motivate Capricorn to try a little bit harder to make it work. It is not that Capricorn is shallow, it is just that since there is so many incompatible things there needs to be motivation, an added prize if you will, to make it worth the effort.
pssttt... bleh caye ke? hurmm... my mom cakap "kalau jodoh, x kemana!" tapi, dalam cerita ayat-ayat cinta pulak, dialog tu ada cakap "jodoh itu rahsia Allah."
I pulak cakap " Masalahnye sekarang, dia nak ke kat aku?"


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