"H.E.A.R.T : Hari Esok Ada Rahsia Tersendiri"

Ainaa tagged I. So, kena buat la.. nnt ainaa marah laks :P

1)Do you think that you are hot?
Yes. Hot Temper! wakakaka... :P

2)Upload your favorite picture of you :

Why do you like that picture?
Because I look slim! :P (actually, this is not my real favourite photo. I dah janji ngn makhluk yg ada dlm gmbr favourite I tu yg I takkan masukkan gmbr tu kat blog I ni lagi. So, I tak boleh mungkir janji; even org tu dah musnahkan impian I.. Thanks ye coz 'seksa' aku!)

When was the last time you ate pizza?
Lama dah. Masa tu I pegi beli buku Japanese yg Eena nak tu. In November kalau tak silap :D Pegi makan ngn Nur Dina Batrisya sekali ;)

The last song you listened to?
All My life; K-Ci and Jojo

What are you doing besides this?
Thinking about him all over again! :(

Tag 5 people:

1)Zaff Majdiah
4)Jime Jojes

Who is number 1?
Aliff Aziz's big fan!

Number 3 is having a relationship with...
mana aku taw! :P aku bukan busy body! :D

Say something about number 5
She's low profile girl...

How about number 4?
My Junior kat SMK Seri Keramat :0)

Who is number 2?
My biological sister :)


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