"H.E.A.R.T : Hari Esok Ada Rahsia Tersendiri"

I'm tired missing you...
Because I can't stop missing you!

I'm tired dreaming of you...
Because I can't wake up when I dream of you!

I'm tired to erase your smile from my mind...
Because it can't fade!

I'm tired to forget your voice...
Because I can't stop crying when I "heard" your voice!

I'm tired avoiding myself from you...
Because I can't slowdown my heartbeat when I'm looking at you!

I'm tired to stop my imagination...
Because I can't stop imagine that we're kissing in a dark room and you touch me with your love!

You might don't know; I am outside the door that Saturday night.
I was waiting for you!

P/S: I will let our memories burden my mind; hurt myself ... make me cry...
Thanks for making my life miserable...

* Yes. I am crazy of you. You and your friends can say anything that you guys like. At least I am not tell lies like HER!*


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anda kene b'saba..
aku ade kat cni kalu koe nk aku usha dye..^^

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