"H.E.A.R.T : Hari Esok Ada Rahsia Tersendiri"

"sape ade capener?
"kah kah kah"

I've met her. Frankly, I can't remember her name. Jehan, eyh? ;)
Jehan, seriously. I've pray to Allah to give me a chance to see you again.
Finally Allah let me to find you.
Mea, thanks 4 inviting me to your bbq's party.
It's fun to see you and meet your friends =)
Can you ask ur BF to play "Kekasih yg tak dianggap" by using his guitar? ;)
P/S: Amirul, I'm waiting to see you.
Where are you, my friend?
The scar make me think of you =)


2 Love notes:

waaa nak pegi gakk:(
haha bf die sape weh
naz tu ek?
bess ke g


dh abes dah

takyah berangan =P


yg naz tu


naz tu mcm familiar la muka dia

mcm muk syed yg dak smk lembah keramat tu

yg putih2 tu

lalalalalalala :-"

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