"H.E.A.R.T : Hari Esok Ada Rahsia Tersendiri"

Post ni aku copy and paste sebab bagi aku, post ni sangat bermakna. Sgt valuable. Tak terucap nilainya. Tak terbeli harganya.. =')

From Her:

Walaupun sekuat mana pun kte ni, walau seego mana pun kte,
tapi the truth is, kte semua perlukan support.

Ada org dpt support yg sgt kuat drpd family, mak ayah.
Semua benda dorg cerita. Mungkin dah biasa dari kecik.

Ada org dpt support drpd bestfriends.
Bestfriends sentiasa ada, no matter what happens.

Byk la channel yg org bleh dpt support.

Ainaa rasa kagum dgn org yg sentiasa dpt support,
and senang mencari support.
Sbb utk Ainaa, Ainaa rasa sgt susah nak reach utk support.
Nak cerita kat Umi Ayah, Ainaa tak nak buat dorg risau.
Nak cerita kat bestfriends, dorg pun busy dgn hidup masing-masing.

So most of the time, Ainaa diam. Takpelah takyah cerita.
Walaupun Ainaa tau I need that support.

Dulu, I had that. That support.
I had that person yg at least tau cerita Ainaa.
Yg Ainaa bleh text benda paling bodoh skali mcm,

'Td bus lmbt, dah la penuh, stressnya!'

Org yg Ainaa text at least once a day.
Yg buat Ainaa rasa Ainaa ada jugak someone to lean on.
Org yg Ainaa tak malu nak ckp markah Maths Ainaa brapa.
Org yg Ainaa text bila terjaga dgr guruh masa tidur.
Org yg Ainaa call masa sahur.
Org yg Ainaa ckp gd morning and gd night everyday.

Yes, I once had that support.
But you know, skali Ainaa dah hilang support tu,
Ainaa rasa takut.

Ainaa rasa takut nak cari support yg lain.
Ainaa takut what if, the next person pun akan tinggalkan Ainaa jugak?
Ainaa takut nak depend on anyone lps tu.

So Ainaa decide nak bergantung kpd diri sendiri.
And I find comfort in Allah.
Yes, support org tu hilang, tapi support Allah ada lagi.
It's okay dia tak ada, Allah ada.

Mungkin ambik masa nak biasakan diri without support tu,
tapi insya Allah, things will get better.
But yes, sometimes kte perlukan support manusia.
Kdg-kdg Ainaa rasa sedih sendiri.
Bila Ainaa tgk gmbr, bila Ainaa tgk updates.
Nope, Ainaa tak sedih sbb dia gembira,
Ainaa just rasa sedih, maybe because I miss having that person's support.
But I'm glad dia gembira, dia sihat, dia senyum, dia bahagia.

Terima kasih sbb pernah bg Ainaa support.
I once felt like I owned the world.
Anyone who gets your support sgt beruntung.
Because believe it or not,
I went through my upper secondary school with your advices.
With your support, with your words.
Because of you, Ainaa makin dekat dgn Tuhan.
Allah dah pernah sekali bg dia as support Ainaa,
so now Ainaa kena belajar support diri sendiri.
You were here, and He's always here.

This world keeps spinning faster,
Into a new disaster so I run to you,
I run to you,
And when it all starts coming undone,
You’re the only one I run to,
I run to you.

From Him:

Dear you,

i may not reaching you today, tomorrow or even yesterday
i may not call, sms-es or even bbm you
i may not stand, sit or be beside you
i may be invisible and remain silence
all my pray always goes without fail
for God to always casting His care upon you
even it maze along the road and straight across the sea
by wind or by the whistle of birds
trying to reach you in your dreams
whisper in your ears to wake up your day
giving you some hope upon sunshine in the morning

there is no time for giving up
in this dearly life it always ain’t be easy
that what you should bear
in your mind and heart
every where and every time
do take care of yourself
as i’m not there to always advice
hoping you can survive
for years and the rest of your life.

the unspoken of my heart
for you that are always tough in every single work
who I believe in every step that you take
may it brings you joy and brigthen your day.

Copied and Pasted from:
Middle-child Syndrome


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